#FMJSummit – Final Programme

Cartoon-style image of a virtual summit, with difference people on different screens connected across a range of devices

NOTE: These events took place in November 2020 but we have retained this page as a reference list. To view available recordings, visit our youtube channel

Today we announce the final and full set of sessions for the #FMJSummit

All booking information can be found on the Fair Museum Jobs Eventbrite

All sessions are FREE to attend – and we’ve got no fewer than 60 of them, and nearly 200 speakers! We hope that there’s something for everyone, and that the sessions will help you build your career, offer advice, and suggest ways to make the museums sector a fairer place. Please click on the links for more information

If you’d like to see this as a chart – you can download it here as a PDF:

Thanks to our speaker/follower Louisa Knight, here’s a Word document version with times and links:

Monday 23rd November

Breakfast with Fair Museum Jobs

When Museums Don’t Love You Back: Problems at Work

The Pros and Cons of Museum Studies

How to successfully manage trainees and apprentices

What’s it like to be a museum curator?

Doing well at interviews

Things no-one tells you about Parental Leave

Sector Support Showcase Part 1

Say Yes to Failure

Tuesday 24th November

Development Breakfast: What counts as professional development anyway?

What’s it like to work in small museums?

What’s it like to work in volunteer management?

What’s it like to work in museum operations?

Sector Support Showcase Part 2

Better together: unions in the heritage sector

Moving into leadership

CV Advice

Our Shared Cultural Heritage

Wednesday 25th November

Sector Support Showcase Part 3

What’s it like to work in museum social media, marketing and PR?

Giving and Getting Feedback

Museums and Galleries Scotland Skills for Success Scheme

“Doing exhibitions” – the where, the when, the how and the why!

What is museum academia and could it be a career for me?

What’s it like to work in collections management?

Being a Trustee

What’s it like to be a museum director or museum manager?

Thursday 26th November

Development Breakfast: How to research an organisation

Making your application processes fairer and more accessible

Disabled peoples’ experiences of navigating museum careers

What’s it like to work in Museum learning?

What’s it like to be a freelancer in museums and heritage?

Tales from the Job Centre

Being an advocate: working for the sector

What’s is like to work in museum youth engagement?

Off the beaten path: museum jobs you never considered

Friday 27th November

Development Breakfast: Mentoring

What’s it like to work in museum fundraising?

Writing Job Applications and Covering Letters

Anti-racism in museum recruitment

What’s it like to work in museum visitor experience and front of house?

What’s it like to work in conservation and collections care

Heritage Traineeships

Sector Support Showcase Part 4

How to read a Job Description

Saturday 28th November

Development Breakfast: Keeping track of your career

Sector Support Showcase Part 5

Building professional confidence

Pay and Contracts in Heritage Work

Volunteering in Museums

Journeys In and Out of the Sector

Rethinking Museum Recruitment with Kids in Museums

Your personal values and how to use them

Sunday 29th November

What’s it like to work in museum archives?

Social Class and working in museums

Finding your Creative Why

Social Media and LinkedIn as a tool for professional development and networking

A Guide to Networking

Freelancing in museums – by the numbers

Closing Session: Where do we go from here?


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