#FMJSummit Representation Statement

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Our goal is to create an inclusive and respectful environment for our first and any subsequent Fair Museum Jobs events. We want to see a sector that reflects the society it serves, and as such have worked hard to encourage people from a wide range of ethnicities, countries, gender expressions, sexualities, religions, appearances, career and working statuses and economic backgrounds to contribute to the series of events.

We have attempted to remove barriers to participation for people from marginalised groups, in the following ways:

  • The Summit is completely free of charge to attend, removing the significant financial barrier that many conferences have.
  • Sessions were scheduled based on speaker availability stated in the expression of interest.
  • We obtained grant funding in order to offer financial compensation to speakers, to acknowledge the value of their contributions and remove some of the economic barriers to participating in conferences.
  • We organised an open submission process, including demographic monitoring, to encourage the widest possible range of speakers and panellists.
  • Where we have identified gaps in the representation of certain demographics amongst speakers, we have worked to the best of our ability to rectify these by reaching out directly to individuals and groups to offer speaking opportunities. 
  • The majority of conference sessions will be recorded, subtitled, and freely available on YouTube for those who cannot attend an event live but wish to access it later. Those not recorded will have other follow-up resources available.
  • Introduced a Code of Conduct for all Summit participants and attendees.

Although our collective is diverse in some ways, we recognise that we are an all-white group. We are committed to improving this, alongside recognising, strengthening and amplifying the intersections our work has with other organisations in the sector.

The results of our attempts to remove barriers, mean that (as of Friday 20 November) of our participants: 

  • 4.6% Asian…compared to 7.5% of England and Wales. 
  • 2.6% Black…compared to 3.3% of England and Wales.
  • 4% Mixed/Multiple ethnic groups…compared to 2.2% of England and Wales. 
  • 76.3% identify as being from a White background, compared to 85.9% of England and Wales. 
  • 25.8% self-identify as working class or similar
  • 16.5% state that they have a disability, compared to 16% of all working age adults in Great Britain. 
  • 21.9% are under 30, 61.5% are between 30 and 50, 6% are over 50.
  • 28.5% have some caring responsibilities either primary or secondary
  • 15.9% are male
  • 26.5% identify as LGBTQ+
  • 72% live in England (27% of total in London), 2% in Wales, 10% in Scotland, 7.3% live outside the UK

*Note – not all groups of statistics add up to 100% due to a varying percentage of unknown or undeclared responses. Benchmark population statistics from gov.uk 

We can see from these statistics that there are areas we would want to improve for future events.

We would love to ensure that future events are even more diverse, and would appreciate your help with that. If you feel able to, the following things would be helpful:

  • Recommend yourself or others as speakers for future events, particularly those from backgrounds which are currently underrepresented in the above diversity statistics. 
  • Share our aims with colleagues – including those from marginalised groups
  • Speak up when you see behaviour that goes against our Code of Conduct
  • Share your ideas on best practice for the future.

This is a learning process for all of us and if there is anything here that we could do better, or concerns you, please contact us via fairmuseumjobs@gmail.com

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