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On this page you can find all our stuff that isn’t published on the blog; including articles we’ve written for other people, or quotes/insight we’ve given to articles, and our live performances list!


Better Recruitment, Better Sector at British Museum Knowledge Share Spring 2021 (20 April 2021)
Note: a recording of this event is available at the link!

Fair Museum Jobs: Challenging exploitative recruitment practices in the museum sector at CityLIS Workplace Forum

A Quick and Easy Guide to Making your Recruitment More Inclusive (and why it’s good for everyone!) at Buckinghamshire Cultural Outreach Group Inclusive Practice for Everyone (10 February 2021)

Power to the Roots at Museums Association Conference 2020 (4 November 2020)
Note: a recording of this event is available at the link!

Thistles and Dandelions Careers Fair (29 October 2020)

Coronavirus Conversations: Future of Our Workforce webinar with Museums Association (17 June 2020)
Note: a recording of this event is available at the link!

What a Way to Make a Living: Making Museum Jobs More Ethical at British Museum National Programmes Conference (4 November 2019)

Making Museum Jobs More Ethical at Museums Association Conference 2019 (4 October 2019)

Museum Showoff (17 September 2019)


More Than Ever, Art Workers Are Calling Out Their Employers—Anonymously—on Social Media. Can It Make Real-World Change? – Art World (21 December 2020)

How to Get a Job in a Museum – Museum Next (30 July 2020)

How to get that museum job (despite the world being on fire) – fyeahhistory (27 July 2020)

Museum volunteers: the priceless people who work for free – Museums + Heritage Advisor (5 December 2019)

Why won’t museums pay their staff fairly? – fyeahhistory (24 October 2019)

Institutions starting to pay a heavy price for low wages – Museums Association (1 October 2019)

Frontline staff speak out – Museums Association (26 June 2019)


For Arts’ Sake Season 4 Episode 5 – Louise McAward-White (May 2021)

Archives And Records Association, Section for Archives and Museums (October 2020)


How to Fix Museum Sector Recruitment in 15 Easy Steps – Tom Hopkins in For Love or Money: Confronting the State of Museum Salaries