This page will collate resources online for the key areas of our Manifesto, as well as general museum recruitment and application resources. If you know of a resource that might be useful, email us a link to

General Resources

Museum Wellness Network

Arts Council England – Culture Change Toolkit

PDF DOWNLOAD: E-Journal AchieveAbility Neurodiverse Voices: Good Practice in the Workplace

Museum Freelance Network

Intersectional GLAM

Application Advice

Tips for effective applications – Rupert Shepherd

How to apply for jobs – Mark Carnall

How to emerge as a museum professional – Tom Hopkins

Manifesto – Qualifications

PDF DOWNLOAD: Jennings, R. (2016). Degrees of usefulness: How important are museum studies qualifications in recruitment to the museum sector?. Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 3, 3 ‐ 18.

Does a museum studies degree help you get a job in museums? – Jack Ashby

Non-Graduates Welcome – a campaign to remove the requirement for degree-level qualifications from fundraising jobs

Manifesto – Salaries and Contracts

Museums Association  Salary Guidelines – Note: these were produced in 2017; while they do work as a starting point, they should not be treated as absolute.

ICON Conservator Salary Guidelines

It’s Helpful to Know All Scales’: Online Spreadsheet Discloses Museum Workers’ Salaries

Do women avoid salary negotiations?

SHARE Museums East Guide to Working with Freelancers

PDF DOWNLOAD: Museum Freelance Survey 2020

Personnel Today: Asking candidates about current salary contributes to gender pay gap

Show the Salary – a campaign group for disclosing salaries in charity jobs

Manifesto – Internships, Voluntary Roles, Placements and Unpaid Labour

Creative & Cultural Skills: Best Practice Guide to Apprenticeships, Internships and Volunteering

ACAS: CIPD Internships Guide

“There’s No Way That You Get Paid to Do the Arts”: Unpaid Labour Across the Cultural and Creative Life Course


Workplace Good Practice and Support

The “Problem” Woman of Colour in the Workplace

The Inequity and Racism of the Hiring and Job Search Process in Global Development – not about museums yet many many relevant points

Change Collective Recruitment Guides from Institute of Fundraising – includes guides for hiring managers, small charities, recruitment agencies and job seekers.

Strategies of Effective Interviewing

How to be a good interviewer

How can museums support young people’s employment? – From Kids in Museums and based partly on their session at the #FMJSummit